Monday, October 15, 2012

Arthritis updated

I haven't updated the arthritis situation for awhile. Had a lot of tests but they all turned up negative for rheumatoid arthritis. It seems I'm just falling apart and have osteoarthritis. A little early for it to be as painful and aggressive as it is but just good old degenerative osteoarthritis all the same. My right thumb cracks and hurts every day (makes it hard to be someone who works all day long on the computer). My knees are quite creaky and the one ankle (the right one) that I had surgery on, with the long Frankenstein scar on it, is quite the weather barometer. (Yes, I can tell when the pressure is shifting!)

It's all a part of this body getting old. It's not terrible. It could be far worse. I can still type and I can still dance and I can still walk my dogs. And how bad can life be, even if the body parts are a bit creaky?!!!

Let me hear from you. How do you cope with arthritis or with other aches and pains?


  1. Had the WORST flare-up of osteo in my knee this August...oddly, after the BEST harvest of tomatoes from our garden, ever. We were eating tomatoes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Gourmet heirloom tomatoes, mmmmm. And my knee hurt like hell, my hip started hurting, and so did my thumbs. Hmmm. So I cut out the tomatoes, totally, since several friends of mine had found links between their arthritis and veggies in the nightshade family (potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant). Know what? Pain reduced after a week, pain-free after three weeks. For me, anyway, it's obvious that I can't eat all I want of the nightshade family. I'm experimenting now with glucosamine and Omega-3's to see if they can increase my tolerance.

  2. I have heard about nightshades causing pain. I may have to cut back on them to see if that helps. Of course, I absolutely LOVE tomatoes and eggplant. Oh well, I'll give anything other than meds a shot at this point.