Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Take a look at this

This is Robert Reich's article, posted on his blog today (April 6, 2009) ( . It deals with hedge fund managers and the economy crisis and the bailout, etc. This is worth reading and sharing with everyone.

Another good source for information on the economy, learning about what is going on, and starting to actually do something about it (as ordinary citizens rather than those in power): William Greider's new book, Come Home America: The Rise and Fall (and Redeeming Promise) of our Country). He did a really good job talking about it both with Bill Moyers a couple of weeks ago (see and he talked to Diane Rehm on NPR this morning, April 8 (find it here:

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

To politic or not to politic, that is the question

Whether 'tis better to work within the system and "take over" your political party from within to change it or whether it is better to change it from the outside.

I actually am thinking about getting back involved in Democratic politics in Arizona (which is akin here to trying to find an illusory oasis in the truly barren desert). I have the time. The problem is twofold: if I spend too much time I won't have time to actually make money, which we need desperately (the conundrum there is that if the Republicans run things too much longer here, I'll never make money anyway). The other "fold," if you will, is that I'm not sure that I can get in there and actually do any good or if the party here is progressive at all.

On another front, I had always wanted to write a scholarly book about paradox (for me, primarily in literature) but never got the opportunity because I never got that wished-for tenure track job. And then, in a little posting I got in email today, I saw this:

"If it’s not paradoxical, it’s not true."
Shunryu Suzuki
It certainly opened up the desire to write that non-fiction/scholarly book again as well as fiction. I have always seen the truth, indeed the entire world of possibility as well as truth, contained in paradox (it is not a dilemma to be resolved; it is to be accepted as true. This is the difficult concept for Western minds to grasp).