Friday, June 12, 2009

Real Estate blogging

One of the foremost industries (and thus problems) in Arizona is real estate. When the bubble was big, our economy was booming. Construction, resale, renovation, improvement, retail (for all those needs for the home) -- everything benefitted. But when the bubble burst, so did a lot of our economy. Nothing surprising there. But a good place to keep up with the reality of all of this is the ASU site for real estate statistics. There is an unemotional picture there of the real estate market and while I don't think this economy should ever depend on one industry (it's like farming one crop: if there's a die-off, then you're out of business and out of food), real estate is always going to be a big part of this state. Thus, this link is a good place to go: ASU's real estate statistics site.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

No job, no income, lots of depression

Well, I got the bad news today that one of the schools where I was among the top 3 candidates did not hire me. What high school, given the chance to have a Ph.D. teaching for them, would turn that down? Especially knowing that I really wanted the job, was excited at the thought of teaching. I just feel crushed, I have to say. I know I have to move on and keep applying for jobs but it is very difficult.

I suppose I should just keep working on my freelance writing and editing and go back to writing fiction as well. Right now, frankly, I want to curl up in a ball and just not get out of a fetal position for several days. Add to that the fact that I just came back from 2 hours at a Chuck E. Cheese's restaurant where I took my five year old daughter to her friend's birthday party, as well as my other two kids (10 and 7) and had to listen to blaring hip hop music shown on screen with cartoon characters. Ugh. I have the headache from hell. Thankfully, several of my adult friends were there and everyone has the same headache. Makes it more bearable.