Thursday, March 7, 2013

Food that makes a difference

So, once I got over all the crazy transmittable viruses I seem to have picked up the past few months, I have been feeling amazingly healthy. I love being able to eat fresh food (thanks to the great farmers market near my house on Sat. mornings) and I seem to have cured the arthritis in my hands by not eating dairy.

There's a new book I want to read, Foodopoly, by Wenonah Hauter of Food and Water Watch. I don't have a lot of extra money and I can't find the book in the libraries near me so I'm going to have to wait to read it. If anyone has read this, let me know. Feel free to leave a review. I'll attempt one when I get hold of the book and read it.

I can't wait to see what's new at the farmers market this weekend. My prize last weekend was a bunch of gorgeous rainbow chard. I'm thinking of turnips this weekend; it's supposed to be cool and rainy (cool for Phoenix anyway; about 60 degrees). Some nice roasted veggies like turnips, beets, carrots, onions, sweet potatoes, etc. Yum.

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Woo, nasty illness season. First that mutant strep throat and now, a really bad case of the flu that lasted 3 weeks. Yesterday (Sat.) was the first day I felt any better; I first got sick between Christmas and New Year's, on Dec. 30; today is Jan. 20! Wow, nasty. Fever, aches, and my sinuses still hurt like crazy.

I took my Vitamin D, my Vitamin B12, and I even got a flu shot back in October. Perhaps that was my undoing! I have heard that the flu was especially virulent this year. I think from now on I'll frantically and fanatically wash my hands (not that I wasn't) and have hand sanitizer in every room in the house! Maybe I can spray it at the kids!

So now everyone is looking at me like, "Oh so much for being a vegan, huh?" Except, I think I would have been worse if I had been eating meat and dairy, esp. the dairy. All I know is that the arthritis has not come back and despite the pain and aches and misery, I could keep down things like rice and plain pasta and some steamed veggies.

Now that I'm starting to feel better, I want to reintroduce 30 minutes of exercise every single day, 6-7 days per week, into my routine. I didn't want to overdo anything today, but after going shopping, I came home and stretched, lifted weights, and did a couple of sun salutations. It was a nice, not too strenuous, workout with just enough weight and effort. Need to increase it every day a little, add in a walk with the dogs.

So...I vow for the new year to be a happy and HEALTHY vegan. Here's to nuts and seeds and fruit and veggies! And occasionally tofu and tempeh.