Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer in Arizona

It is moving toward summer in Arizona. It doesn't matter what the calendar says; when it hits over 100 degrees, it is the beginning of summer. Yes, the beginning. The middle of summer is 110 or more. And that, too, is coming.

Most people in temperate climates feel happy when summer comes. School is out for kids, people are going on vacation. But I get hot. And cranky. And I start hating living here. People are thin and rich in Scottsdale. They don't seem to sweat. I don't belong here. I'm from Brooklyn and I sweat. I don't perspire like a lady. I sweat. A lot. And I am not easy to be around when I'm hot and sweaty.

I want to live somewhere cool, near an ocean. I am so tired of heat and prejudice and misery and rich people who care nothing for others. I realize a temperate or cool climate won't resolve everything. But it would sure make me not sweat and be cranky. And maybe I'd write more