Monday, December 29, 2014

Making homemade wonders

Tonight I made wonderful things--homemade coconut flour and homemade cashew butter. Who knew how easy it was?!!!

Target was out of coconut flour and I wanted to bake some paleo cookies but they did have unsweetened shredded coconut. I found out how easy it was to make flour: simply throw the coconut in a food processor or blender (I chose my food processor) and whirl it around until it's a powder. Voila! Coconut flour!

As for the cashew butter, it takes a little more work. Two cups of cashews also thrown into the food processor and processed until it was creamy and delicious. It takes awhile; about 15 minutes and you have to turn it on and off and scrape while it's in the kind of crumbly stage but if you keep going, taking little breaks so the processor motor doesn't burn up, you get this creamy cashew butter. Allergy free and really delicious.

Tomorrow I'll make paleo cookies with the Enjoy Life! semi-sweet chips I bought (also completely allergy free--no gluten, dairy, or soy).

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