Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Lazy writing evening

Well, I'm lazy tonight. Not physically but mentally. I took the dogs for their walk and I did 25 minutes of yoga but now that I've sat down to write, I don't want to be around my character very much. She's headed back to where she was born but that's not really where she wants to go. I think it's a story of endings but also of beginnings in a familiar place. Endings and beginnings run together; who can say which comes first or last? A Mobius strip or an infinity loop--endings generate beginnings generate endings.

So instead of following my character, I thought I'd muse a bit here. Beside writing, one of my fascinations has always been gardening and getting back to the land. And I've been reading a lot about that lately, about food and about farming and about gardening. I go to the farmers market now for all my vegetables and I'm eating locally and organically and seasonally. I have always been an "earth mother" type and this feels good to me, to eat and feed my family this way.

I also started eating meat and fish and chicken again, but only grass-fed beef, local chicken who are raised free and not kept in cages or stuffed together in horrible conditions in factory barns, and wild-caught fish. I actually feel far better and my body feels like I'm losing weight and eating what is good for me. No sugar or dairy or gluten or any grains whatsoever. I've also stayed away from nightshades like tomatoes, peppers, potatoes (except sweet potatoes and yams) and eggplant (I miss the eggplant!). I notice I'm not getting any of the indigestion I  used to have. I have taken up the "paleo" cause and frankly, it does feel like a very clean and natural way to eat. I do still have my qualms about eating animals; morally it doesn't feel right. I'm going to have to work my way through that one a little more.

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