Friday, July 22, 2011

Can pain result in creativity?

My experience is a negative. I'm not suffering from any chronic pain but the kind of surgical recovery pain that is pretty intense from time to time. And I find I cannot concentrate enough to finish reading chapters in a book, let alone creating a poem or writing even a page or two. It's easier to write short bursts in a blog like this but the pain seems to interfere with the contemplation and imagination necessary to put words, any words, on paper (or virtually).

Interestingly, the pain has made it difficult for me to remember words. I will start speaking and cannot grasp in my mind the word I need. The pain takes over and I just stutter, "uh, um, um, it's...". For someone who lives by words, this is extremely disturbing.

But I'm going to try and keep reading at least and getting my mind to recover as well as my body. Perhaps the blog will help.

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