Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Many moons have passed

Much time has gone by since I posted here. I have a new job, as an instructional designer writing corporate training courses in ethics. I love it, amazingly. It's interesting, the people I work with are great, I am engaged, and the pay is comparable to what I was earning before I was laid off.

I don't have a husband anymore though. We ended up selling our "dream house" in a short sale. We rented a house in Scottsdale and within a few days of signing a 12-month lease and moving in, Shawn said he wanted a divorce. After 10 years of marriage, nearly 13 years together, that was it. He wasn't happy. I have pretty much been miserable since that time although I can't say I wasn't miserable for some time before that.

Our divorce was final on Feb. 3 of this year. And I can handle it except I want my kids full time and all of a sudden he wants to split the time equally (one week with him, one week with me). I don't want that; I want them to live with me and visit with him on weekends.

I am depressed but I'm getting by. The job helps. Now, if I could start writing fiction and poetry again, perhaps write the scholarly book on paradox, sell some non-fiction pieces--that would also help a lot.

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