Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour 2009

I'm looking forward to turning off my computer, my lights, the tv, and getting my kids (at least the two older ones, 7 and 10, to just hang out for an hour. There are flashlights so the kids can keep building with Lego or read if they want. And I am going to sit by candlelight and meditate and try to flush out the bitterness left from being summarily fired from my job of 9 years 3 days ago.

I think we need Earth Hour once a month at least! More dark and peace and quiet instead of 24 hour activity (like some wound up manic depressive in the midst of a high cycle). In the U.S., it seems like our entire culture has become manic-depressive.

I may pull out my electric plug and try to blog a bit on just batteries. Or not. Turning off the computer -- what a novel and wonderful idea!

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